Before a printing press can start producing, many critical components have to come together in an accurate and efficient process.

The design supplied needs to be optimized for production. Colour managed press profiles are applied to the design ensuring consistent colour. Key technical features including barcodes, multi-colour registration and graphics are checked and modified if necessary.

Workflow automation then takes control, applying extensive tasks which eliminate human intervention and the risk of error. Production milestones are logged keeping the production team up-to-date. All production files are retained in our secure digital warehouse.

3D modelling for a realistic idea of finished packaging can be provided for your shrink sleeve project.

Contact proofs and screen PDF files are available for flat artwork approval. The goal of the pre-press team is to reduce the risk of errors entering the production process which then increases speed-to-market, getting your products on the shelf on time.

  • Pre-Press Management
  • Artwork Amends
  • Technical Support