Foam Labels

Foam Labels

PLASTI-SHIELD® is an orientated polystyrene foam substrate made available through an exclusive partnership between Avifilm and Triflex Productions Ltd.

The foam has excellent thermal properties which opens up a wide range of opportunities to food brands wishing to give themselves a competitive, innovative edge to their quality printed flexible packaging by providing thermal protection to consumers.

The unique way in which this foam is produced gives an extremely smooth surface and brilliant white colour to the foam meaning that the resultant print quality is much higher than traditional printed foam.

Current markets/ applications:

Microwavable pots
Often used in the microwavable food market in the form of microwavable pot meals. The label provides a thermal insulating barrier between the hot product inside the pot and the consumer’s hand. The insulating properties of the foam not only provide thermal protection but also keep the product hot for longer.

Hot Cans/ Self Heating containers
The label provides thermal insulating barrier between the consumer and the hot product, while also keeping the contents of the can warmer for longer.

Cold Can/ Self cooling containers
Similar to the properties offered to the hot containers, the label is also used to provide an insulating barrier to cold containers. This provides a layer of protection between the consumer and the internal cold product. Equally importantly the foam also keeps the product colder for longer. This maximises the brand’s selling point.

Glass bottles
The foam provides an excellent protection layer around glass products meaning that they are not damaged during transportation. For many years the glass industry has seen the advantage of using the foam to protect their containers while providing a high quality label to boost the visibility of the product in the market.

The foam has properties which mean it is easy to break if required. Therefore providing easy detection of unauthorised access to a product, which makes it useful in the tamper-evident market.