Environmental issues, climate change and resource scarcity are now key parts of our lives.

Eco Friendly CoffeeTriflex takes its responsibility in these areas very seriously and works with its customers and suppliers to reduce the impact of its products on the environment that we all live in.

Our in house processes are continually monitored to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions, waste to landfill and water usage are minimised.

In particular our use of UV inks and water based adhesives mean that our use of volatile organic chemicals is considerably reduced compared with many conventional producers of printed packaging.

The choice of materials to meet our customer needs is another area where we focus on reducing the environmental impact of our products. Where possible thickness and weight are minimised to a point that is consistent with our customers’ shelf life and appearance requirements.

More importantly, a ‘cradle to grave’ approach is the best indication of the environmental impact of any packaging. Where necessary, we can offer this analysis if required on specific projects.